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Treats Low T in Men & Women

Elevate mood and motivation
Sexual desire and performance
Muscle development and strength
Increase energy levels
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Low T and Testosterone Uses

What does it mean to have low testosterone and
use testosterone therapy on a daily basis?

The Androgen sex hormone testosterone is known as
the male sex hormone, but women need it too.

In men, testosterone is produced by the testes.
In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries.

The main difference: Women need less testosterone than men.

Testosterone is the main influence on the reproductive system, sexual desire and sexual function but it has other uses around the body too.

Living with low testosterone levels can affect your standard of living and your relationships. If you feel that low testosterone is impacting your life then using testosterone replacement therapy to restore testosterone levels can help improve your life as well as re-balance your hormones.

Testosterone therapy improves these symptoms of Low T
  • Libido
  • Depression
  • Concentration
  • Emotional mood swings
  • Energy levels & fatigue
  • Muscle strength
  • Facial & body hair growth
  • Reproductive tissue development

In men and women with low testosterone, testosterone therapy can also help deepen the voice, re-distribute fat concentration in the body and enables better retention of vital minerals nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride and phosphate.

Testosterone Supplementation
AndroForte bioidentical testosterone cream (or AndroFeme bioidentical testosterone cream for women) are testosterone replacement therapies supplement the body’s own natural production of testosterone. While you supplement, your body continues to produce testosterone at the pre-treatment levels.

Using a testosterone cream supplements to increase levels, it does not replace or take over what your body is doing naturally.
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