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Here’s how to order testosterone cream online from us.
Treat your progesterone imbalance and low testosterone with natural and bioidentical creams! sells AndroForte® testosterone cream for men, AndroFeme® testosterone cream for women and ProFeme® progesterone cream. Our team of pharmacists will review and confirm your testosterone prescription before dispensing the hormone replacement therapy to you.

Buying hormone skin creams online from is cost effective too, you can save up to 75% off the price of competitor creams available locally.

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AndroForte® testosterone replacement therapy for men
AndroForte® testosterone cream applied topically to the scrotal area and is used to treat low testosterone in men. AndroForte® is a bioidentical cream testosterone cream and the only one on the market that can be applied directly to the scrotum. Applying the cream to the scrotum allows for optimal absorption and faster results.

AndroFeme® testosterone replacement therapy for women
AndroFeme® testosterone cream for women is formulated at the optimal dosage for women. Women need less testosterone than men which is why AndroFeme® was developed. Using and adjusting a male dose testosterone therapy makes it hard to get the dosage correct. With AndroFeme®, dosage is simple. It is the only testosterone replacement therapy on the market that is specifically designed for the needs of women! While low testosterone is less common in women during the younger years, it does happen and it is especially debilitating during menopause, post menopause and after a hysterectomy.
ProFeme® progesterone therapy cream
ProFeme® progesterone cream is primarily used by women who are suffering from low progesterone levels or Estrogen dominance. It is also used by women who suffer from polycystic ovarian Syndrome, endometriosis, infertility, early term miscarriage, peri-menopause and Menopause. ProFeme® is an external, topical cream that absorbs easily.
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