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COVID-19 Update
Please expect shipping delays due to the corona virus outbreak as it has impacted our logistics department.

About is a subsidiary of Israel-based ILS Ltd and has operations in Australia, The Republic of Georgia, Israel, India, Turkey and the United States. We are committed to saving you money on your medications and hormone skin creams, sourcing the highest quality pharmaceutical products available. 

We have extensive international shipping and customer service experience and are the sole International distributor of Lawley Pharmaceuticals products. All hormone replacement therapy creams are manufactured in Australia by Lawley Pharmaceuticals and are shipped to the UK through our distribution center in The Republic of Georgia via a courier service. 

The parcels are trackable and are discreetly packaged. offers FREE SHIPPING on all hormone skin creams.
Lawley Australia is pleased to announce the appointment ILS Ltd. as an independent supplier of our AndroFeme®, AndroForte® 2 and AndroForte® 5 products.

Should you choose to utilize this supply option Lawley Australia will continue to provide a complete patient support service if you have any product or treatment questions. ILS will provide customer support and logistics.

Our USA and Canadian free phone 1-800-961-7813 and email support service will continue as normal.

I thank you for the hundreds of phone calls and emails of support since we ceased direct shipping last year and I trust the new supply arrangements prove acceptable to everyone.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Buckley
CEO / Medical Director

US and Canada
Toll free phone: 1-800-961-7813
Toll free fax: 1-800-961-7650
AndroForte® 5% is licensed by:
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