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Injectable vs Topical Testosterone Therapy

If you have low testosterone you will want to try using a testosterone therapy.

There are different application options out there.

There are creams, gels, patches and injections. They all achieve the same thing, giving you a testosterone boost, but what application method is right for you?

The testosterone hormone controls many things in your body including muscle tone, body mass, bone density, anxiety, energy and endurance. Most notably it controls your libido and sexual performance. As you get older your body slowly starts producing less testosterone, in men the decline starts around the age of 40. In women it starts a little later, around the age of 50 when the woman’s body starts going through menopause.

Younger men and women can also experience low testosterone. Lifestyle, trauma, bad eating and low amounts of regular exercise can all have effect on how the body produces testosterone.

Whatever the reason and whatever stage in life you are at, if you have low testosterone, failing to use a testosterone therapy to boost your testosterone levels can result in a negative impact on your life, your libido and your life in general.

Which type of testosterone therapy is best match for you?
The main application methods are injectable and topical. Here is a comparison on different types of testosterone therapy application. There really is something to suit everyone, although it is widely believed that using a cream is the most convenient, the least intrusive and the fastest absorbing kind of testosterone therapy.
Injectable Testosterone Cream
Testosterone Injections: If you don’t like needle or want to visit your doctor regularly to have the injections administered then this is likely not the right application method for you! Testosterone injections are normally administered every two to three weeks. The injection is made intramuscularly into the buttocks. It can be painful and there is a small risk of infection at the injection site, but no more than after any other vaccine or injection.
Topical Testosterone Cream
Testosterone Creams: The benefit of using a testosterone cream like AndroForte®, or a testosterone gel like AndroGel® is that it is self-administered. There are no needles to worry about, no pain, no risk of infection and no bi-monthly doctor's visits. The testosterone application is done on your time and from the privacy of your own surrounding. There are different types of creams of gels. Some are applied to the upper body and some are applied directly to the scrotum area.
The main benefits and drawbacks of injections
The main benefit of having testosterone injections is that after your injection, you don’t need to think about it again for a few weeks.

The main drawback is to do with even dosage during these few weeks. After the injection, your testosterone levels peak quickly and then begin to drop after around four days. The effects of the testosterone boost gradually wears off so by the time you get your next injection, your testosterone levels can be quite low.

The main benefits and drawbacks of creams and gels
The main benefit of using a testosterone cream like AndroForte is that it is white and odorless. Daily application of the cream means that your testosterone levels remain consistent throughout the month, there are no big peaks and dips like you get when using injectable testosterone. This is a big benefit! Being able to buy your cream online also creates an easier, less invasive experience overall when compared to testosterone replacement injections. The main drawback is that you have to take daily responsibility for your therapy. Ideally application is done in the morning, every morning. If you are using AndroForte, it is Applied to the scrotum and not the upper body like other gels and creams. Some people are not comfortable with this, even though it is proven that application to the scrotum is optimal. this is because there is a vast network of blood vessels in this area, allowing for the cream to be absorbed faster into the bloodstream and with less chance of transference.

Find out more about different types of testosterone therapy and applications with this case study on MedScape.
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